Polish manufacturer of electronic components

Polish manufacturer of electronic components



Complex assembly of custom elements


Planning, supply and production keeping of various custom elements according to customer requirements.

Contact: construction@telpod.pl

Telpod production hall

Laser plotter services


Cutting and engraving of materials such as foil, plexiglass, polywood, laminate, etc.
Max. operating area: 120x90cm

Max. power: 100W
Contact: construction@telpod.pl

Telpod laser plotter

Arm press services


Cutting of materials such as leather, plastic, paper, cardboard, etc.

Max. operating area: 90x45cm
Pressure force: 18t
Contact: construction@telpod.pl

Telpod arm press

Production of metal elements


Production of custom metal elements based on owned machine park.



Contact: construction@telpod.pl

Telpod press for metal element

Laser cut ceramics


Cutting of custom ceramic substrates according to customer requirements.




Contact: thickfilm@telpod.pl

Telpod laser cut ceramics

Hermetization of elements


Covering element with epoxy resin in order to protect it against external factors.




Contact: thickfilm@telpod.pl

Telpod hermetization

     Telpod S.A.

     str. Pilsudskiego 63A

     32-050 Skawina, Poland

     Sales division:

     +48 12 257 10 35


     Technical division:

     +48 12 257 10 12



     +48 12 257 10 11


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