Polish manufacturer of electronic components

Polish manufacturer of electronic components


FLEXIWARM / FLEXIWARM + heating wires
with non-metallic conductors made of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber heating cables with silicone elastomer insulation are available in two versions:
   1) braided of copper wires (Flexiwarm +)
   2) without braid (Flexiwarm).

Technical Data Sheet

Dokumentacja Telpod Trafo-LED 10

Heating cables are very universal products due to the wide range of heating temperatures, high flexibility and low weight. Heating cables can be arranged in the form of lamellas with a large bend radius, coils and strands, as well as forming flexible heating mats or closed in the form of rigid panels.

     Telpod S.A.

     str. Pilsudskiego 63A

     32-050 Skawina, Poland

     Sales division:

     +48 12 257 10 35


     Technical division:

     +48 12 257 10 12



     +48 12 257 10 11


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