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Funds EU

implements a project co-financed by European Funds "Development of an innovative high-power resistor made in thick-film technology"

The overall goal of the project is to increase the research and development activity of Telpod by carrying out research works leading to the development of an innovative high-power resistor characterized by rated at 900 W and resistant to high and short-term overloads of 1600 W (10s).

Project duration: 01.08.2020 - 31.07.2023

Projekt value: 2 249 849,59 PLN

Funding: 1 451 668,44 PLN

Public orders

Place and method of submitting offers:

  • electronically to the following address: order@telpod.pl

  • in paper form to the registered office of the Purchaser at the following address:
    TELPOD S. A. 
    ul. Piłsudskiego 63a,

            32-050 Skawina

In the case of submitting offers by post, the date and time of receipt of the offer by the Ordering Party shall be the date and time of its submission. The offer must be submitted on the offer form attached to each inquiry in the Polish version. The offer with attachments should be signed by a person authorized to represent the Tenderer, in accordance with the form of representation specified in the court register or central business records and information or other document appropriate for the given organizational form of the Tenderer or by a person authorized on the basis of a power of attorney. Documents which indicate the authorization to represent the Bidder should be attached to the offer. The tenderer shall bear all costs related to the preparation and submission of the offer. The offer price should include all costs that the Ordering Party will have to incur for the completion of the subject of the contract, including any possible discounts.

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